Thursday, October 22, 2015

Planet of the Apes - Nigger Pussy 🐵

Sheboon Service

There's almost nothing that niggers are good for. They're stupid, lazy and require constant supervision in order to accomplish even the simplest task. The one exception is Nigger Pussy, as the White man quickly discovered after purchasing his first sheboon.  Like with any nut rag, it's not something we carry around or want to be seen. Even though it's rarely if ever seen, they're not uncommon.
A man's gotta bust a nut (or 2, or 3). It's just another function, like taking a piss. And nigger pussy is one of the best places to do either one.
I hate niggers but I love pussy more. Pink is the only colour that matters when getting pussy. All pussy is the same colour inside and sheboons are nature's nut-rags. You can use it, abuse it, bust nuts in it all day and even take a piss in it when you're finished. Still, it always wants more. Once you've raised it to the level of a White man's nut-rag it doesn't want to go back to being a completely worthless nigger. Since they left the fields, most Negroids die without ever knowing what it's like to feel useful. Those monkies go ape on an Aryan dick. Being used hard by a White masa comes naturally to a nigger.
I put more nigger bitches on the pipe than crack cocaine. I'll have one polishing my knob on my lunch break, another polishing my boots that night and in the morning before work, I'll get pussy from another one after it drops its niglets at school. I'm doing so much ploughing those apes should plant me a cotton field. Nigger bitches are the dumbest thing on two legs but when they get on their knees they've got the best brain by far. 😎

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